JDees Performance

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About Us


"Who ARE those guys?"

(from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)


JDees Performance is a bunch of guys that like to relax by tuning motorcycles to obtain maximum performance.  We enjoy the unique challenges of working with Buell and Harley-Davidson pushrod air-cooled engines.  This does not mean that our knowledge is limited to pushrod engines. We are all passionate about all internal combustion engines and motorcycles.  If you have questions about getting performance out of your Buell, contact us!


The JDees Performance core race team consists of the following people but many others have helped us out from time to time (click on the links below for more information on each of us) : 


Kevin Kedinger


Bill Pari

Dan "Chuck" Hurda


Steve Krause


Kemp "Tater" Asbeck


Jesse Dees









You can contact us at: Jesse_Dees@JDeesPerformance.com